Friday, July 10, 2009


Humbalulu is an elusive animal. It is red and green, and some of them can fly. Not all, but a select few. I'm not exactly sure how many, since there are so few in the world. They live in the ocean and sometimes on roads. Which roads remains to be seen, since most roads are too busy for the shy creature. They eat snakes. I guess they eat the ones that venture too close to the ocean or too close to a road. They also eat one berry. It doesn't matter what kind of berry, but only one a day. I suppose this is what gives them the magical powers to fly. This is all that is known about the Humbalulu.

Isaac spent most of our vacation discussing Humbalulu and its various attributes. This began when David's sister taught the kids how to play "20 questions" the animal version on a long drive across the island. With questions like, "where do you live?" and "what do you eat?" Isaac's little imagination went crazy. Hence the Humbalulu was born. Kalena soon got in on the action, and eventually they were calling everyone and everything around them Humbalulu. So if you see a red and green creature munching a snake on a road, you'll know just what it is.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm home and survived Hawaii. It was fun at times, but definitely as much work as I thought it would be. I am so happy to be home! You can check out pics from our trip on my Facebook page. It is easier and faster for me to load them there.

My dinosaur of a computer is on its last legs it seems. We are going to have to figure out a way to get a new one, I guess. I get the feeling this one could explode at any second.

I had an interview at Waco High yesterday, and it went really well, except the part where I spit my cappuccino all over the table because it was so hot. I was a little embarrassed about that. But I don't even drink cappuccino, so how was I to know it was still too hot?? Luckily, the principal and counselor doing the interview laughed with me and not at me. I hope they offer me the position--the principal I spoke to said I should hear something in a day or two. I would be teaching freshman English and coaching freshman volleyball. I find this hilarious, since I haven't been anywhere near a volleyball court since 8th grade. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I am so nervous about getting this job, it kinda feels like my one and only shot. I've only had one other interview, and it was at a school that was really too far from the ranch for me. The summer seems like it is flying by.

We should be set to move into the new house in two weeks. That's exciting and terrifying, because it means I have to actually get around to packing. Yuck. But I will be so thrilled to have so much extra space. This house seems to have shrunk dramatically now that Adam is so big and Rowan is walking everywhere. It feels like no matter where I turn, there are kids staring at me. It doesn't help that the house is full of boxes and clutter, either.

On another sad and depressing note, our receiver for our DirecTV is dead. Why not call DirecTV and get another receiver, you ask? Well, we are stealing our DirecTV since David knew how to run all the lines and somehow rig it that we are on his parents' account, even though we are miles away. Don't ask me how he did that. But it now means that we have no TV, which means I have no DVR, which means I have no So You Think You Can Dance. I am traumatized. I have waited all year for that show!!!!

I should try to head to bed. I guess I'm still on Hawaii time, which is 5 hours earlier, becuase I can't sleep until really late at night since we've been home.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heading Out--THIS IS SO LONG!

I haven't posted anything in a really long time. Here's why: I've really been struggling lately, and not just with my weight. I have come to realize that I just can't do it all. Or, if I do try to fit it all in, then my family will suffer. The stress of this summer has really been overwhelming, and I finally had to make my way to my midwife (who also does well-woman checkups) to find out why I couldn't sleep, couldn't remember anything, couldn't focus or get motivated to do anything, and why I felt angry all the time. I was hoping for some concrete answers, but all I got was "you're depressed, take this..." and was handed a prescription.

I have a hard time with the word "depression." I don't feel like a depressed person. I just feel like things are sort of spinning out of control. And the word "depressed" conjurs up images of my father, who is mentally ill--manic depressive--and very unstable. I've spent most of my life fearing that I would end up like either my father (crazy) or my mother (irresponsible). So to get tagged as "depressed" really made me feel like a failure. But, desperate for some relief of this all-consuming feeling that I was about to explode, I tried the prescription. So far it seems to be helping with my mood. I have more patience with the kids. I cope better when things really seem to be going to crap. But I can't shake this feeling that I'm just not good enough. I don't know if any pill can cure that one. In fact, I don't even know why I have this feeling.

I have not lost much weight at all. I think in the past six weeks I've lost another 2 pounds. I'm at 220 and haven't fluctuated from that number since I started the medication. The past couple of weeks I haven't had time to fit in my daily exercise, and I've struggled with that. But I've come to realize that I JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL. Sometimes sleep and family have to come ahead of working out. I'm hoping to start back to a regular work out routine again after we get back from Hawaii.

Oh, Hawaii. I have such mixed feelings about this "vacation." What kind of a spoiled brat wouldn't salivate at the chance to jet away to paradise? Why would I even think of complaining about the trip of a lifetime? I don't know. It seems like an insane amount of work for me to get all four kids ready, through the hellacious trip there, and then readjusted for two weeks when we get there, not to mention the even more hellacious trip home and the second readjustment back to real life. I will, in theory, have help. But I've been down this road before. My "help" is in vacation mode, and isn't going to want to offer me a break. Of course David will be there, and will definitely be a help. But so often, having him around for too long makes things harder, since he doesn't do things quite the way I do them. At any rate, I know this vacation is more like two weeks of intense work for me, and I just don't know if I'm up to it. But I'm hoping that we'll get there and I will be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things go, and I'll stretch out on the beach and wonder what I was so worried about...we will see. We leave tomorrow.

I still don't have a job. I haven't even gotten a single interview. Not a single phone call. Only two or three e-mails to say, "sorry, we don't have the position available." But most of my applications generate complete and total silence. I am worried that I made the wrong decision to do this now. What if I've just shelled out a few thousand dollars that we don't have in order to get certified for a job I can't get? I just don't know. I've been saying that a lot lately. I don't know.

Our house is still not done, but it is very close. We should get to move in in mid-July. We are waiting to hear about our loan, which will take such an enormous burden off of David's mind. He has been so worried about the money situation, even though he tries to be the strong one and not let on that he's freaking out. I will be so relieved when we get settled in and can put this whole transition behind us.

On a brighter note, Rowan is walking! Yes, I said walking. She just turned 10 mos. on Tuesday, and has been taking steps for about the last week and a half. I never had a 9 month old walk. It's crazy. She is toddling everywhere now, and can't be stopped. She is such a joy to us, just the happiest little thing. And her smile is one thing that is sure to brighten me up if I'm having a rough day. She just had a recent appointment at Scottish Rite, and her x-ray was not that encouraging. She had digressed from 10 degrees to 16 degrees, but the doctor thought it was just because she was standing for the x-ray instead of laying down. He said that when we go back in September, if there is any more increase in her curve, then we will move right into casting. I am hoping that she improves. I don't know how I would handle a baby in a body cast.

The final two straws that have just about broken me have been hard to cope with. First, my friend Kristie lost her sweet 4 month old baby girl to SIDS. I still tear up to think of this kind, gentle, sweet and loving woman grieving like this. It really hit me between the eyes....I have nothing to complain about. I still have my babies, healthy and safe. The second thing is that my friend Julie, who has been my cheerleader and my encouragement through all my struggles, is moving tomorrow to Kansas. I really don't know what I'm going to do without her. She has been the glue that has kept me together, and I have counted on her for so much. First I lost my friend Marie last summer, and now Julie is gone too. I hate goodbye.

Wow, what a post of gloom and doom, huh? I guess this is why I've avoided posting for so long. It is hard to face your demons. But you guys know me, ever the optimist. I know that once fall comes, that cool air will usher in a sense of relief for me. If I can just walk through the fire right now, I know I will make it to the other side.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No change

I weighed again this morning right after running, and I'm back up to 226. What the crap? I realize that it's probably just muscle mass, and I realize that I have to be patient. But I've been slaving away every morning for a month now, and only have a measly 7 pounds lost to show for it. My clothes don't fit any better, and I really can't see any change when I look in the mirror. I know I shouldn't be, but I am so disheartened. Especially with all the other chaos going on in my life right now (i.e. job hunt, imminent move, etc.), I was really hoping to have something positive to encourage me. I am dreading going to Hawaii in six weeks and having to squeeze my gigantic butt into a swim suit. I don't have any clothes that I like to wear, and I'm sure as heck not buying anything new right now. I just want to be happy with my body again. Right before I got pregnant with Rowan, I had finally started to lose inches and felt so great. I was happy with the way I looked, even though I wasn't super skinny. I don't have irrational dreams of being a size 2. I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my skin. I am feeling healthier overall, so I know the exercise is helping, but I just want to have my confidence back. There are days that I walk by a mirror and wonder who the fat girl is looking back at me. I don't identify with her at all, and I hate feeling so disconnected from myself.

I refuse to give up, though. I wonder if I need to do something to jump-start my metabolism and my weight loss. I am going to give Jackie's crazy cleanse a try for a week, and see if it helps. I know my stress eating isn't helping me in my plight, so I am trying hard to watch what goes into my mouth. Every day I slip up, though, but today is a new day, and I have another chance to do it right.

Wish me luck, peeps!

Monday, April 27, 2009

So this is news?

Seen on the KCEN website:

Preventing Swine Flu

While there are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Central Texas, doctors say Central Texans aren’t taking any chances.

“You watch on television, you see all those people walking around Mexico City with mask and you hear about all those people dying, we want to be careful, even though it’s very unlikely to actually hit us, we’re being cautious,” says Dr. Tim Martindale of the Providence Family Medicine Clinic.

But what exactly is the swine flu?

“It has some genetic markers that are swine flu and it has some genetic markers that are also bird flu and human flu. I think the term swine flu just came on and it stuck,” explains Kelly Craine of the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

Craine says swine flu carries the same symptoms as traditional seasonal flu but it also has more nausea and diarrhea associated with it.

“What it’s mostly contagious through is respiratory droplets. Stuff coming out of your nose or out of your mouth, coughing sneezing, anything that comes out of your nose or mouth that has possible cotangent if it were the flu,” says Dr. Martindale.

Officials say the virus is very responsive to the anti-viral medicines Tamiflu and Relenze, and can be prevented.

“Wash your hands on a regular basis, don’t touch your face, if you cough or sneeze cough into the crook of your arm or your elbow to prevent it from spreading on your hands, if you are sick, stay at home, if your children are sick, have them stay at home,” Craine says.

If you begin to experience any flu like symptoms, officials say you should go to your doctor. They can do a nasal swab to test for the virus and have results back in about 15 minutes.

Reported By: Ashley Goudeau

This really disgusted me. I mean, they pay these people good money to "report" the news. This girl is a real idiot, if you ask me....not so much because she made mistakes, but because she DIDN'T BOTHER TO HAVE ANYONE PROOFREAD HER ARTICLE!!! If you don't know what you're talking about, don't pretend. You'll just make yourself look stupid.

Here's my response that I e-mailed to the station:

To whom it may concern,

Wow. I am speechless after reading an article by one of your so-called reporters about concerns over swine flu. I would expect a grammatically correct article with reliable information from your reporters, however there were three obviously glaring mistakes in this piece--and these were just the obvious....I didn't bother myself with punctuation, etc.

First of all, a doctor was quoted as saying "...anything that comes out of your nose or mouth that has possible cotangent if it were the flu." I don't know about you, but I'm not sure if you can have a cotangent come out of your mouth unless you're discussing properties of right triangles. I suspect that your reporter meant to quote the Dr. as discussing possible "contagion", but who knows.

She also misspelled the drug Relenza as Relenze. Seems that could easily be googled before it was published.

Finally, she states that if you have flu-like symptoms, you should get checked out by your doctor and they will do a nasal swab and tell you in 15 minutes if you have the virus. Which virus? Swine flu? Because, according to the numerous reports I've read/heard, they have to send samples off to the lab in order to confirm swine flu, which can take up to a few days. So maybe your reporter should clarify and proofread her articles before she represents your station. I would think accuracy of reporting would be most important.

Let me know if you need someone to proofread her work. I'd be happy to do it. She clearly needs another set of eyes looking over it.

A concerned viewer

*let me just say, I don't care AT ALL if regular folks make these mistakes. That's normal. But if you're representing yourself as a professional, then friggin' have someone check your work!!!!!

Change in the Rain

So it seems my fate has been decided, and the weekend of June 5th, I will finally get to move into my new house! I am excited and stoic at the same time. I am in love with my house. It really has seemed like an unlikely dream, that it would never really be finished--intangible and perfect, waiting for me. But now it is almost done, and it is thrilling and terrifying to be moving. I love Waco. I never thought those words would escape my lips, but for the first time in a very long time in my life, I've found a niche for myself. I love my friends and the life I've made for myself and my kids here, and I'm afraid that moving means starting all over again, particularly because everything changes next school year. I won't be a Stay-At-Home-Mom anymore, which is pretty much my total identity to speak of. It is scary to think I have to reinvent myself as a Working Mom, make new friends in my new situation, keep in touch with all my dear friends that I won't get to see as often and figure out how to best mother my kids without being with them all day, every day. Right now the rain is pouring down, and it matches my mood: melancholy, heavy, rejuvenating. A new beginning. I am ready to start out on this new branch of my life. It is one of those forks in the road of life for sure, and my new path is really still shrouded in mist, but I am confident there are birds chirping on the other side.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I got tagged!

My friend Erica tagged me. I haven't played tag since elementary school, but I loved it almost as much as dodgeball, so here I go.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Sleeping
2. Kissing my kids and my husband
3. Watching Kalena play T-ball
5. Watching Isaac do Karate
6. Watching my waistline get smaller
7. Our summer trip to Hawaii
8. My next Chipotle Barbacoa burrito

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Slept late for the first time in, oh, I can't remember how long
  2. Ordered pizza and blew the diet
  3. Watched too much TV while I looked at the floor and avoided vacuuming it
  4. Had a tickle fight with the kids
  5. Stressed out over getting six ready for family pictures
  6. Took said family pictures
  7. Worried about getting a job
  8. Looked at my family pictures and realized that I am a blessed woman to have such a beautiful family

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Sing and dance
  2. Get the perfect job
  3. Play the piano
  4. Travel the world
  5. Have more patience
  6. Run a marathon and like it
  7. Be a famous writer
  8. Eat whatever I want and still look amazing

8 Shows I am Currently Watching:

  1. The Mentalist
  2. American Idol
  3. Law and Order SVU
  4. Dog the Bounty Hunter
  5. Harper's Island
  6. Antiques Roadshow
  7. Make Me a Supermodel
  8. Little Einsteins
*Thank The Good Lord for DVR*

So I tag:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adam's a Big Boy Now.

I was just looking at older posts, and realized that it was only two months ago that I made a short little list of things that Adam was saying. Wow, it's incredible to watch him learn day by day. If I were to make a list of things he can say now, it would be well over 1000 words. In fact, he'll pretty much say anything he hears. He repeats words all the time. And he is making sentences now. They are becoming more elaborate and descriptive. The kids are in there playing play-doh right now, and he just said, "Me make pizza now, Izee. All done." My mind is truly boggled. It makes you stop and realize what an amazing thing the human brain really is.

We had girl's night last night, and we ended up doing karaoke at Whiskey River. Oh man, I am such a terrible singer. But I just love to sing. I wish God had given me a talent, other than reproducing. I mean, I have awesome kids, but I can't sing or dance or play an instrument or paint. I'm okay at sewing, but really, I wouldn't call that a talent. I'm pretty good at yelling, though. At any rate, girl's night was a blast, and my sweet husband let me sleep in until 9 this morning. Aaaah, sweet sleep. It's so sad. The older you get, the more you value sleep than just about anything else.

We are taking some pictures this afternoon of our whole family. My friend Julie has graciously obliged to take pics for us. I got the cutest outfits for the kids, and I can't wait to see how the pics turn out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Bodyshaping...IT IS SO FLIPPIN' HARD!!! I'm down to 223.6 as of this morning. Yay! A couple more pounds down, so that makes me feel good. I've been so sore this week, it's hard to walk. But that just means I am getting skinny, right?

I have had the hardest time keeping track of everything we have going on. This is only going to get more challenging, I realize, as the kids get bigger. I decided last night that I have GOT to get organized. I bought a magnetic fridge calendar and wrote down everything we have going on for the next month. Man, my calendar is full. I also got an organizer that I can keep in my car or in my diaper bag so that I always have a place to right down things as I find them out. I am notorious for writing things on a scrap of paper that immediately disappears. I also highlighted everything on my calendar in different colors: blue for Isaac, pink for Kalena, yellow for me, and green for babies/family things. Now I always know who needs to be where and when. Sigh. This organization thing is hard.

In other, more depressing, news, my friend Julie is moving. And mind you, she's not moving across town. She's moving to Kansas City, Kansas. Boo. I hope we get to keep her through most of the summer. I hate saying goodbye to friends. Last summer was bad enough when I lost Marie, now I'm losing Julie, too. I have to stop before I start crying.

Also, my dogs are going to be the death of me. I swear. They got out of the yard...again. Big surprise. But this time, the dog catcher picked them up and they ended up at the pound. So I had to pay $100 bucks to spring them from doggy jail. They are in deep doody when they get home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Still at 226. I'm not surprised, though. I think I've gained quite a bit of muscle back. I am feeling better, and my time on the treadmill is slowly creeping up there. I hit the bodyshaping class this morning, and now I can't walk. I am seriously hobbling like an old man. But hopefully it will sculpt my arse into a beautiful sight if I can keep going.

I have my orientation for my teacher cert. classes tonight. I'm a little nervous, since I haven't had too many hits on the job front. I hope I am making the right decision for my family. I just have to have a positive attitude, and I know things will go the way they're supposed to.

Kids are great, Kalena started T-ball again, and had her first game last night. She is the bomb. I am going to put her in coach pitch for the summer session, I think she's ready. She is much better than most of the kids on her team this go-round, and she has such a great attitude. You can tell she really loves to play. That makes me happy.

Can you tell I'm sleepy? I'm definitely rambling right about now....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The First Weigh-In...

Status: 226. Loss of 7 lbs. I don't think I actually lost that much, but I just weighed without clothes on this time. Last time I was wearing shoes and jeans, so maybe I only lost about 3 pounds. But I'm no fool. I'm reporting the lowest possible number. Wouldn't you?

So far the workouts are amazing. I love starting my day on such a positive note, but I am pretty tired. It'll just take a while to adjust.

In other news, Kalena lost her two front teeth. She has been a great source of comic relief lately. Whenever I'm feeling frazzled or frustrated, I just get her to say "dinosaur" or "thermometers" and then I crack up laughing. Am I cruel to laugh at my lisping daughter? Maybe. But she thinks it's funny too. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to work

Well, working out, anyway. I've started back at the Y, but this time with a new schedule. I'm going uber-early in the morning. 5:15 early. Yikes. So far, so good. It's day three, and I'm still tired, but hopefully it will get easier soon. I actually like having an hour in the morning to get moving, grab a shower at the Y, and come home ready for action. I don't have to deal with whiny kids the second my feet hit the floor, and that has been so nice. We'll see how I adjust, but I'm really liking it so far, as long as I can stay awake!!!

I also have a gym buddy, Jackie. She's the bomb to get her patooty out the door so early to come hang with me on the treadmill. We're going to start swimming laps in the morning, too, once I can squeeze my arse into a swimsuit. I'm really excited about getting fit again. And here, my friends, I will do the unthinkable and post my weight loss.

Right now, I'm at 233. Yep. You read those astronomically large numbers right. I need to be about 175. You do the math, I can't count that high. So, Fridays are weigh-in days and I will post my results to all of you in cyberspace. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 degrees and 2 years

Today, I braved the awful weather and crazy Dallas traffic, and finally made it to Scottish Rite to have RoRo's checkup. Great news! Her x-ray looked amazing, and her curve is down from 22 degrees to 10 degrees. So now we just keep waiting and watching. We'll go back in June, and hopefully she'll be totally straight by then. Well, I can hope at least.

This is also Adam's 2nd birthday. What an amazing little boy he is. So incredibly kind, sweet, loving and funny. Yes, he has his two-year-old moments, but his new favorite thing to say is "No dank oo, mommy" when he doesn't want something I offer. I mean, really, you can't buy that kind of cuteness. We are also having a resurgence of Disney's Cars obsession around here. But for some reason, Adam calls anything having to do with Cars "meow meow". Don't know why...I think it started when he tried to say Mater, and it came out "meow meow". But now, it's all "meow meow". I really am blessed with an incredible family. And I can't believe my baby is already two!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's New, Magoo?

What's new, indeed. So many new wondrous things. The last couple of weeks have been busy to say the least.

First of all, Isaac started Karate. Why, you ask, would you put a little boy with a penchant for destruction in a class that teaches you precisely how to fight? Well, said little boy was desperate for an outlet, and it just so happens that in addition to kicking, punching and screaming, they teach you discipline and respect in karate. Sweet. Isaac is awesome. I would call him the karate prodigy, but that might sound presumptuous. Except that he is the karate prodigy. I just have to be honest, people. He is as amazing of a karate kid as a three-year-old can possibly be. He rocks. Get this..he actually stand still at attention for the WHOLE class! It's crazy. His instructor is named Mr. Brown. He is a very tall, odd-looking and extremely flexible black man. He is so awesome, and Isaac totally digs him. And he looks so stinkin' cute in his karate uniform (Isaac, I mean, not Mr. Brown). Mothers, lock up your daughters, because my son is going to be a heartthrob one day. He is one good lookin' little boy! (Sorry, my motherly pride just got the best of me.)

In other news, my friend Jonya is doing this insane catering. She owns an amazing catering company called Rio Brazos Fine Custom Cuisine. She is a catering fool, I tell ya. So she's catering the "Go Red" luncheon for women's heart disease awareness or something. She is doing boxed lunches for 425 people! Oh my lord! So I've been helping her off and on for the last few days. We rolled a million silverware the other night. Tonight I'm helping her cook again, and tomorrow is the big event. I wish her so much luck! I am totally inspired by Jonya. It was her dream to start a catering company, and a year and some later, here she is! The toast of Waco! Jonya, you could rule the world!!!

Finally, and probably most dramatically of all, David and I have made a major life decision. No, we're not moving to a dome compound. No, we're not shaving all our body hair and eating raw meat. We're not even becoming swingers. We've decided that I should get my teacher's certification over the summer and begin teaching high school in the fall. Dum da dum dum. This way, Kalena will be able to go to school wherever I'm teaching. And so many of you know about the saga of where she's going to be educated because of our move. So that problem is solved. David will stay home at the ranch with the rest of the rapscallions. This is definitely going to be a change! I'm so nervous about going to work, but a little excited at the same time. The only drawback is that I'm going to miss RoRo and Adam and Isaac so much. But I keep reminding myelf that teachers really do have good schedules, so I hopefully won't miss out on too much. Besides, Ro will already be a year old when I start.

So that's the scoop. Put your tongues back in your mouths, people. I know it's all so shocking, but no worries. Life is good!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adam: A Glossary of Terms

Adam is right smack in the middle of a language burst. He is attempting to say a lot of new things, although he refuses to "repeat" anything we ask him to say. This list probably doesn't make for a very interesting blog, but I just didn't want to forget all the cute things he says when he's a back-talking kid later. Here is a comprehensive list of his favorite phrases.

"Mama" or "Mommy"
"Dada" or "Daddy"
"Izee": Isaac
"RoRo": Rowan
"NaNa" or "Nani": Kalena
"Papoo": The kids all call David's dad Papoo. Kalena started this years ago, and it stuck.
"Jeckie": David's brother, Jeffrey.
"Pooker": Cooper, our dog.
"Pookuh": pickup, as in a pickup truck. This sounds deceptively like his term for Cooper.
"Ahdah" or "Me": how he refers to himself, he also says "me" for "please."
"Dank oo": Thank you, usually paired with "mama"
"Mine" or "Me": what he says when he wants something or wants to do something himself. He also calls his pacifier "mine."
"No": his favorite word, second only to repeating "mama" a billion times.
"Uh-huh": This is said with a very precise annunciation, and is how he says "yes."
"Yeah": rarely used, he prefers "uh-huh."
"Oh noooo": this one usually gets a kick out of folks.
"uh oh"
"Leo": What he calls all Ninja Turtles
"Mean Guy": This started when he watched Lord of the Rings, and now he usually calls Isaac "mean guy."
"Niiiee": How he attempts to say "knife"
"Woof woof": Both a term for a dog and what a dog says.
"Bye": good bye.
"Bye bye dums" or "beep beep dums": don't know why he says this, but he does.
"Stinky" and "ucky": What he says when we change his diaper.
"Baum": powder. This is also a random word he uses that we have no idea what he means.
"Pee pee" and "poo poo"
"Zhoo": Shoe
"Choo choo": his term for train
"Beep beep"
"More" and "Eat"
"Nigh Nigh": good night, time for bed
"Bankie": his favorite blanket he cannot be separated from.
"Doose": juice, he wants his sippy cup.
"Pagumbagum": this is how he says "pomegranate", he loves V8 pomegranate blueberry fusion.
"Gee" or "Baby Gee": cheese, or small cubed cheese
"Baby": his favorite doll or anything pertaining to Rowan.
"Ziggy": this is how he says fishy
"Moo": Cow
"Neee": Horse
"Nooo": Nose
"Eee": Ear

Wednesday, January 28, 2009's not just for teenyboppers

Who'd have thunk it? ME on Facebook. I scoffed and laughed for so long at the sad little teenagers with their texting and their MySpace and their Facebook. And yet here I am. I've sent one text message, checked my MySpace and repeatedly checked my Facebook all in the last, oh, four hours or so. I have indeed crossed over to the dark side, my friends.

Yes, Facebook is addicting. I've had an account for all of about 20 hours now and I am forever changed. I hope my kids get fed, dressed and bathed from now on. I'm sure they'll be sorely neglected due to this new vice in my life. Well, look on the bright side. I guess I could be addicted to meth or something. At least Facebook doesn't leave you with big pock marks on your arms...or does it?

Friday, January 23, 2009

How many bodily fluids can a human endure?

*Warning* It's another one of those posts...graphic and pretty much disgusting. Don't say I didn't warn you.

It's an age-old much vomit, diarrhea, urine and/or snot can a mother take? Does there come a point at which said mother throws her hands up in defeat and says warily, "I can't take it anymore?" I came precariously close to that precipice, my friends. I was nearly flung from the edge of sanity (it's a recurring theme with me, I know) by the sheer magnitude of horrific liquids spewing forth from my children.

It's been a week's battle with an unnamed stomach virus which has wreaked unimaginable havoc at my house. For four nights straight, I changed pajamas, sheets, pillows, even my own clothes multiple times. It started with Isaac...simply enough, just one random throwing up episode. Then he seemed to be fine. I should have known better, though, since he's my toughest kid. He never gets sick. But sick he was for 6 days straight. Luckily, he knows how to race to the bathroom when he's gotta go. Ironically, Kalena, the weakest stomach in my house, managed to evade the tyrranical bug.

Adam was the next victim, and definitely the most challenging. He gives no warning for vomitous or diarrheal explosions, and so one must be ever watchful for signs of an impending ka-boom. Just the slightest noise from his room in the dead of night meant that he'd thrown up in his sleep again. Poor thing. So we spent one whole night sleeping with him propped up on the couch so he wouldn't run the risk of choking on his own...well, you get the idea.

Sweet little Rowan contributed to the nasties by having a strangely goopy nose that would suddenly have a gigantic green snot-ball hanging from it every time I had just emerged from a massive cleaning mission. So uplifting, let me tell you.

Finally, I, too could not escape the awfulness. One day of horrible stomach pain, fever and chills almost convinced me that it would be worth it for everyone involved if I could just end it all.

I am a veteran of a disgusting war, my friends. I've cleaned beds, floors, couches, even car seats covered in puke this week. Really, I should buy stock in Lysol. I came through the fire and I lived to tell the tale. I pray fervently that whatever this crap was doesn't visit your house any time soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Stranded at the Redbox

Redbox: yesterday I finally decided to see what the hype was all about, and rented my first movie. As a Redbox virgin, I was actually quite overwhelmed. It was way too much pressure for me..people standing there, tapping their toes, waiting impatiently for me to make my selection and leave. So my first rental was a dud...some weird movie called "August" with Josh Hartnett. He is a hottie, but even his good looks couldn't save this stupid movie. I couldn't even tell ya what the plot was so convoluded. So last night, I took back the dumb movie and decided to try again.

My second attempt was fraught with just as much stress, a veritable line this time waiting on me, so I was relieved to get back to the Suburban out of the frigid wind to head home. Except my beast of a vehicle wouldn't start. The ignition wouldn't even try to turn over, just a clickity-click sound and some flickering lights. Okay, this must be the battery, I think. Too bad I don't have jumper cables. Surely in this bumpin' Redbox parking lot, there is one among them with some juice. After wandering around like a sad, abandoned puppy, I realized that I am in this alone. Nobody wants to help me, I left my cell at home since I was just "running up real quick" to get a movie, and I am freezing my butt off. It really is sobering to feel totally stranded. Luckily, the manager at McDonald's was really nice (although I think she wanted to come outside just for a smoke). First she let me use the phone, then she came out to see if she could help me out. No luck. No matter how much we wiggled the battery terminals, we just couldn't get it started. Next, I resorted to begging folks in the neighboring Chipotle parking lot for a jump. Most people jumped in their cars with a "nope, sorry" and sped away so they didn't have to look at the poor, pitiful lady.

Finally, a couple of college girls with a beat-up Volvo offer their help. That was interesting...the blind leading the blind if ever a cliche were appropriate. Neither of us knew what the heck we were doing, and even after hooking up the cables, we still couldn't get the 'burban up and running. 20 minutes later, a chivalrous cowboy in a rumbling diesel asks me in his politest southern drawl, "ma'am, do you need some help?" Oh, thank you cowboy Gods. Somebody who's probably actually seen an engine battery before. But his attempt, with jumper cables on loan from a couple of goth, lip-pierced teenagers in a minivan, was also a grand failure. He's puzzled why he can't, in all his cowboy glory, save the day. "Must be the starter" he proclaims, then leaves me to wait on my husband, who by this time is on his way thanks to Courtney's aid with the kids. Did I mention that since I'm in the Suburban, I have all 4 carseats, and David is stuck at home with kids and no way to get to me? Since Courtney was kind enough to come and sit with the little heathens, David rushed to my aid in his great, glowing, yellow Mr. Electric van.

I am ready to face the news that I'm going to be without a vehicle for a few days, and good grief, how much is it going to cost to have that dead monster towed? But David steps up, gives the key a little wiggle in the ignition, and lo and behold, the FRIGGIN' THING STARTS RIGHT UP. I kid you not. An hour in the cold, begging like a hobo, and my husband just walks up and turns the key. I can't begin to describe how obnoxious this is. Some damsel in distress. It seems more like I'm a simpleton in distress.

But, I make it home, our second movie is much more watchable (it was The Bucket List in case you care), and off I went to bed, my shenanigans behind me. How is it that I always have a black cloud following me around? If something bizarre is going to happen to someone, I guarantee it will be me. I could list at least a dozen situations where I've had random and generally annoying things happen. But, we must go on. Onward to a brighter day.

As a completely unrelated postscript, the weirdest thing happened last night. At around 3 am, I woke up because I thought I heard one of the kids. I listened for a minute, and didn't hear Rowan or Adam crying, so I closed my eyes. Then I hear what sounded like the shuffle of little feet in my bedroom, so I open them again, and sit up to see who it is. I assume it's Isaac needing to use the potty, and he always walks all the way from the door through the room to get around to David's side of the bed. (David is much more coherent in the middle of the night. The kids have learned this). So I look around, but don't see anything, so I lay back down, assuming it was Cooper moving around in his dog bed. Then I hear the unmistakable whisper, "Daddy?" Two seconds later, "Momma?" Okay, so it is Isaac. I sit up again, "What is it Isaac?" Silence. "Isaac, what do you need, baby?" Silence. "Isaac, are you there? David, wake up, is Isaac over there?" We both sit up, but don't see anything. So we both get out of bed to check on the kids, and all four are SOUND ASLEEP! It was the most bizarre experience. I was wide awake when I heard that little voice. It freaked me out so bad, I could hardly go back to sleep. Weird, huh?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, You live in a zoo....

Happy birthday to David! And Happy New Year, too!

Today David turns the big 3-0. I keep teasing him about his old-man status, but really, he's not old. Our kids have just turned him prematurely grey. I guess he should yell more, like me. Then all that pent-up frustration wouldn't pop out of his head in little grey wisps.

We had Rowan's big appointment yesterday at Scottish Rite in Dallas. I have to say, it was a long, slow ordeal. But after 4 hours of paperwork, in and out of waiting rooms, and x-rays, we got absolutely the best possible news. Her curve is about 20-25 degrees, and all other factors (very specific measurements such as her RVAD, which indicates the amount of rotation to her spine) indicate that she is a good candidate for self-correction. This means that she could very well grow out of her scoliosis. Our doctor is cautious, though, and thankfully doesn't want to wait very long for this to happen. We got back in two months, and if she has progressed at all, we will begin casting at that time. If she's still the same, he's willing to wait until she's 8 months old and then begin casting at that time if she still has not improved. This is definitely the best we could have hoped for, and I know all the prayers coming our way are certainly working!

In other news, our Christmas was great, but grinch that I am..I am so glad it's over. We'll be taking our Christmas tree down this weekend, and boy am I ready to see it go! I have a bunch of pics I need to post of Christmas, so maybe I'll get around to it soon.