Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Still at 226. I'm not surprised, though. I think I've gained quite a bit of muscle back. I am feeling better, and my time on the treadmill is slowly creeping up there. I hit the bodyshaping class this morning, and now I can't walk. I am seriously hobbling like an old man. But hopefully it will sculpt my arse into a beautiful sight if I can keep going.

I have my orientation for my teacher cert. classes tonight. I'm a little nervous, since I haven't had too many hits on the job front. I hope I am making the right decision for my family. I just have to have a positive attitude, and I know things will go the way they're supposed to.

Kids are great, Kalena started T-ball again, and had her first game last night. She is the bomb. I am going to put her in coach pitch for the summer session, I think she's ready. She is much better than most of the kids on her team this go-round, and she has such a great attitude. You can tell she really loves to play. That makes me happy.

Can you tell I'm sleepy? I'm definitely rambling right about now....


Sandra said...

Good job on not gaining any weight, that's always the thing to look at.
Good luck with the teaching cert. I hope it all works out in the end.
And yay for T-ball. That is super exciting and I imagine super cute to watch.

Katy said...

You looked AWESOME on Friday - that's coming from someone who doesn't see you too often! You are very dedicated and I am proud of you!

Good luck at the class tonight. It is still a little early for current teachers to move around, so keep your chin up!

I bet Kalena looks so cute playing t ball. That's great for her to be involved!!

Anonymous said...

you are doing so great with the workouts!! 7 lbs is a lot, and it's not how much you wiehg, it's how you feel!!! I didn't post on kalena's teeth, but when we were at karate the other day I tried to get her to whistle! She actually did pretty good! Let me know how the orientation goes-you going to kick arse!!

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, anonymous is me, Julie!