Friday, July 10, 2009


Humbalulu is an elusive animal. It is red and green, and some of them can fly. Not all, but a select few. I'm not exactly sure how many, since there are so few in the world. They live in the ocean and sometimes on roads. Which roads remains to be seen, since most roads are too busy for the shy creature. They eat snakes. I guess they eat the ones that venture too close to the ocean or too close to a road. They also eat one berry. It doesn't matter what kind of berry, but only one a day. I suppose this is what gives them the magical powers to fly. This is all that is known about the Humbalulu.

Isaac spent most of our vacation discussing Humbalulu and its various attributes. This began when David's sister taught the kids how to play "20 questions" the animal version on a long drive across the island. With questions like, "where do you live?" and "what do you eat?" Isaac's little imagination went crazy. Hence the Humbalulu was born. Kalena soon got in on the action, and eventually they were calling everyone and everything around them Humbalulu. So if you see a red and green creature munching a snake on a road, you'll know just what it is.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm home and survived Hawaii. It was fun at times, but definitely as much work as I thought it would be. I am so happy to be home! You can check out pics from our trip on my Facebook page. It is easier and faster for me to load them there.

My dinosaur of a computer is on its last legs it seems. We are going to have to figure out a way to get a new one, I guess. I get the feeling this one could explode at any second.

I had an interview at Waco High yesterday, and it went really well, except the part where I spit my cappuccino all over the table because it was so hot. I was a little embarrassed about that. But I don't even drink cappuccino, so how was I to know it was still too hot?? Luckily, the principal and counselor doing the interview laughed with me and not at me. I hope they offer me the position--the principal I spoke to said I should hear something in a day or two. I would be teaching freshman English and coaching freshman volleyball. I find this hilarious, since I haven't been anywhere near a volleyball court since 8th grade. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I am so nervous about getting this job, it kinda feels like my one and only shot. I've only had one other interview, and it was at a school that was really too far from the ranch for me. The summer seems like it is flying by.

We should be set to move into the new house in two weeks. That's exciting and terrifying, because it means I have to actually get around to packing. Yuck. But I will be so thrilled to have so much extra space. This house seems to have shrunk dramatically now that Adam is so big and Rowan is walking everywhere. It feels like no matter where I turn, there are kids staring at me. It doesn't help that the house is full of boxes and clutter, either.

On another sad and depressing note, our receiver for our DirecTV is dead. Why not call DirecTV and get another receiver, you ask? Well, we are stealing our DirecTV since David knew how to run all the lines and somehow rig it that we are on his parents' account, even though we are miles away. Don't ask me how he did that. But it now means that we have no TV, which means I have no DVR, which means I have no So You Think You Can Dance. I am traumatized. I have waited all year for that show!!!!

I should try to head to bed. I guess I'm still on Hawaii time, which is 5 hours earlier, becuase I can't sleep until really late at night since we've been home.