Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's New, Magoo?

What's new, indeed. So many new wondrous things. The last couple of weeks have been busy to say the least.

First of all, Isaac started Karate. Why, you ask, would you put a little boy with a penchant for destruction in a class that teaches you precisely how to fight? Well, said little boy was desperate for an outlet, and it just so happens that in addition to kicking, punching and screaming, they teach you discipline and respect in karate. Sweet. Isaac is awesome. I would call him the karate prodigy, but that might sound presumptuous. Except that he is the karate prodigy. I just have to be honest, people. He is as amazing of a karate kid as a three-year-old can possibly be. He rocks. Get this..he actually stand still at attention for the WHOLE class! It's crazy. His instructor is named Mr. Brown. He is a very tall, odd-looking and extremely flexible black man. He is so awesome, and Isaac totally digs him. And he looks so stinkin' cute in his karate uniform (Isaac, I mean, not Mr. Brown). Mothers, lock up your daughters, because my son is going to be a heartthrob one day. He is one good lookin' little boy! (Sorry, my motherly pride just got the best of me.)

In other news, my friend Jonya is doing this insane catering. She owns an amazing catering company called Rio Brazos Fine Custom Cuisine. She is a catering fool, I tell ya. So she's catering the "Go Red" luncheon for women's heart disease awareness or something. She is doing boxed lunches for 425 people! Oh my lord! So I've been helping her off and on for the last few days. We rolled a million silverware the other night. Tonight I'm helping her cook again, and tomorrow is the big event. I wish her so much luck! I am totally inspired by Jonya. It was her dream to start a catering company, and a year and some later, here she is! The toast of Waco! Jonya, you could rule the world!!!

Finally, and probably most dramatically of all, David and I have made a major life decision. No, we're not moving to a dome compound. No, we're not shaving all our body hair and eating raw meat. We're not even becoming swingers. We've decided that I should get my teacher's certification over the summer and begin teaching high school in the fall. Dum da dum dum. This way, Kalena will be able to go to school wherever I'm teaching. And so many of you know about the saga of where she's going to be educated because of our move. So that problem is solved. David will stay home at the ranch with the rest of the rapscallions. This is definitely going to be a change! I'm so nervous about going to work, but a little excited at the same time. The only drawback is that I'm going to miss RoRo and Adam and Isaac so much. But I keep reminding myelf that teachers really do have good schedules, so I hopefully won't miss out on too much. Besides, Ro will already be a year old when I start.

So that's the scoop. Put your tongues back in your mouths, people. I know it's all so shocking, but no worries. Life is good!


Katy said...

Congrats on your awesome little karate man. I can remember my lil bro doing karate! You're right, what a perfect outlet for little boys!

You will be a GREAT teacher and they have awesome schedules. Oh, unless you decide to coach too, or something silly like that ;)

mp said...

oh my gosh why didn't we think of this sooner?? what a great idea!!! i'm so happy for you! this is going to rock all types of socks off. long socks, short socks, socks with individual toes, and knee high socks. you are the bomb!

Magoo goes to school. You should write a book about it!

aww, and how cute is your karate kid? we need pics!

NICO Designs said...

Congrats to you about teaching! Teachers really do have a good schedule and teachers are always needed which is good in this economy. Let me know what position you get; I might have some things you can use.


Ashley said...

You are going to be awesome teacher! I can't wait to Isaac in his karate outfit :)

Jackie said...

Ok, I have to admit something... unless Isaac already told you. I asked him to put on his Karate Outfit the other day when i was watching them and he was so darn adorable! He's very proud of it and the two stripes he already has! I can tell he's a karate prodigy, especially because I took a couple of months of karate when I was in 4th grade! =)

You must know you're the bomb-diggity and will kick ass at teaching!

chneakia: an animal crossed between a chinchilla and a chiquita banana!

Anonymous said...

you all are NINJA'S!!!!
Teacher ninja!
real ninja babys!
daddy David ninja!
even your dog has ninja skillz
:) im so happy for you all