Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adam: A Glossary of Terms

Adam is right smack in the middle of a language burst. He is attempting to say a lot of new things, although he refuses to "repeat" anything we ask him to say. This list probably doesn't make for a very interesting blog, but I just didn't want to forget all the cute things he says when he's a back-talking kid later. Here is a comprehensive list of his favorite phrases.

"Mama" or "Mommy"
"Dada" or "Daddy"
"Izee": Isaac
"RoRo": Rowan
"NaNa" or "Nani": Kalena
"Papoo": The kids all call David's dad Papoo. Kalena started this years ago, and it stuck.
"Jeckie": David's brother, Jeffrey.
"Pooker": Cooper, our dog.
"Pookuh": pickup, as in a pickup truck. This sounds deceptively like his term for Cooper.
"Ahdah" or "Me": how he refers to himself, he also says "me" for "please."
"Dank oo": Thank you, usually paired with "mama"
"Mine" or "Me": what he says when he wants something or wants to do something himself. He also calls his pacifier "mine."
"No": his favorite word, second only to repeating "mama" a billion times.
"Uh-huh": This is said with a very precise annunciation, and is how he says "yes."
"Yeah": rarely used, he prefers "uh-huh."
"Oh noooo": this one usually gets a kick out of folks.
"uh oh"
"Leo": What he calls all Ninja Turtles
"Mean Guy": This started when he watched Lord of the Rings, and now he usually calls Isaac "mean guy."
"Niiiee": How he attempts to say "knife"
"Woof woof": Both a term for a dog and what a dog says.
"Bye": good bye.
"Bye bye dums" or "beep beep dums": don't know why he says this, but he does.
"Stinky" and "ucky": What he says when we change his diaper.
"Baum": powder. This is also a random word he uses that we have no idea what he means.
"Pee pee" and "poo poo"
"Zhoo": Shoe
"Choo choo": his term for train
"Beep beep"
"More" and "Eat"
"Nigh Nigh": good night, time for bed
"Bankie": his favorite blanket he cannot be separated from.
"Doose": juice, he wants his sippy cup.
"Pagumbagum": this is how he says "pomegranate", he loves V8 pomegranate blueberry fusion.
"Gee" or "Baby Gee": cheese, or small cubed cheese
"Baby": his favorite doll or anything pertaining to Rowan.
"Ziggy": this is how he says fishy
"Moo": Cow
"Neee": Horse
"Nooo": Nose
"Eee": Ear


mp said...

I just won hangman!

Very cute list! I miss baby talk.

Katy said...

Adam & Emma must use the same dictionary! A lot of their words are the same :)

NICO Designs said...

So cute!
I love the words that Grace is beginning to say.

Sandra said...

It's amazing how much they know and how soon they know it. I think Adelaide has been readding this book, specifically the "m" section; me, mine, momma.

Ashley said...

He is so flipping cute! No if I can only get him to start saying my name again, lol....

Courtney said...

so cute, i love it when they are just learning to talk!!!