Monday, November 10, 2008

Workin' Girl?

Yep, the title says it all. I am on the job hunt. Not for any 'ol job, ya see. Nope, no regular hours for me. This SAHM is looking to work nights. Barf. Oh, sorry, did I just barf? Uh, yeah, I did. The finances are dictating that we need more income in this house, so that leaves me to find employment somewhere. In just a few, I'm headed out to some local hotels to see if anybody will hire sweet lil' ol' me for their overnight desk position. After that, I might hit up HEB to see if they need an overnight cashier. But Rachel, when will you sleep? That's a dern good question. Oh well, who needs sleep anyway? I prefer to be a walking zombie...then at least I have a good excuse for going out of the house looking like a vagabond.

But on to more cheerful, there are no more cheerful things. The weather is suckity today and I am feeling pretty much downtrodden. But Rowan is still adorable, Isaac and Adam have been getting along really well and Kalena is really starting to read! So I guess there's my silver lining!

Wish me luck. I'm sure going to need it....


Ashley said...

It will all work out! I know how being broke sucks! Sending good luck vibe your way!

Katy said...

Good luck girly!! There's always Pampered Chef.....

Jackie said...

Lots of luck to you! Whoever said being in the Po' house was fun, well I guess nobody has ever said that!

My word is Tardia: a pretty way to say retard! =)

Hey have you thought about sewing stuff for money? I know you make slings but with your talent I know you could make awesome stuff!

Courtney said...

I wish you luck- hopefully you find something that works perfectly for your family.

TNT2008 said...

I keep telling you to sew for cash!:)
I keep waiting for my hubby to say, 'maybe you ought to go back to work.' I sure do hope the economy starts to turn around soon.

Good luck with the job hunt!

Jackie said...

Am I doing this right by commenting on your comments to my post thru your most recent post??

I love the meaning of your word, good job!

17 and married huh? Wow! You make it all look so easy!

How did the job hunt go (or is

My word is aundicab:
what I imagine a cab in Australia is called!

Sandra said...

Good luck on the job hunt. Let me know how it goes. You could always look into a desk job at the hospital.
I totally agree with Jackie; sell, sell, sell!!!

Claire said...

I'm sorry Rachel... I know things are tight. I hope things will be getting better soon.

I agree with the rest of the girls, you need to sew. You're really good, and you could work your own hours.

I'll make you some business cards or anything you need!

Julie said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading today and just saw this. We should get an evening job togther somewhere, lol. I need one too. Good luck!