Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mary had a little Squig

Tonight in the bathtub, I asked Isaac and Adam if they wanted to sing a song with me. I was feeling jolly for some unknown reason (probably because I got a call for a second interview at Dillards for tomorrow!) and thought it might be fun to sing with them. So I suggest Row your Boat or Wheels on the Bus. Isaac had another idea...

"Mom, why don't we sing Mary had a little Squig. You know that one, right. It's really good."

"No, baby, I don't know that one, why don't you sing it for me?"

"Maaaary had a little Squig it swims and swims. Maaaary had a little Squig. [mumble mumble mumble] if you see the Squig and its in the waaaater [mumble mumble mumble]"

"Wow, Isaac, that sure was a nice song."

"Yeah, it was pretty good."

Just to clarify, the squig is a little yellow swimming pool dive-toy that looks something like a squid with a lot of little tentacles. He waved it all around while he sang his little ditty. Even though he drives me to the brink of insanity most days, he sure can be the cutest, sweetest little boy when he tries.

Adam enjoyed the song, too, but he just sort of shouted along a lot of "bumm" (boat) and "aaah be dumm" (his standard phrase which means everything). He is so funny. He has to say goodbye to everything, so when we got out of the bathtub, I picked him up and wrapped him in his towel, and he stuck out his chubby little hand and waved at the bathtub and said, "Bye bye dums." Oh, and he tries to say Cooper, but it comes out "Pooker." That one just kills me! He's too adorable. I know I'm biased, but he is pretty stinkin' cute.

I should find out about my job tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be working part-time evenings and Sundays at Dillards by the end of the week!


Ashley said...

Good luck with interview #2! You'll do great!

And OMG! Your kids are the cutest things ever! I can hear Isaac singing that to you. And Adam, what else can I say. One day he is going to up and disappear, just don't come looking at my house!

Katy said...

Yay for Dillards!! You might get a pretty sweet discount. I know the new manager there - her name is Angela. We went to high school and dance on drill team together. I hope you get the job!!!!

mp said...

call me and let me know how it goes today.

and i'm with ashley, if they go missing, don't check amarillo.

Jackie said...

Kids are so damn funny, especially your cuties! Good luck with the interview, sounds like a great schedule! You may need to hook a sista up once you're in good with the head honchos!

My word is nalnesm: "Oh hush! That's just a bunch of nalnesm!!"

Sandra said...

Your kids are so cute. I wish you didn't get fixed so you could pop out more of the cutest kids EVER.
I hope everything goes well with the Dillards job. Just show them your apple bottom jeans and BAM you'll have the job for sure.

Julie said...

Hehe squig. Too cute!

Claire said...

Oh my God! How funny! Your kids crack me up...