Monday, September 29, 2008

All the latest buzz

Well here we are again, busy as a bumblebee, and too many blogs to write and not enough time. Oh, the woes of the industrious mother. I am happy to report that all the kiddos are fine and dandy, everyone is well (except for the terrible teething Adam is doing). We had a nasty tummy bug run its course, but the poops seem to be back to normal. Thank goodness.

So here are the latest events, in no particular order: Kalena is a rhyming fool thanks to kindergarten; Rowan is becoming quite the little cooer; Isaac is, well, Isaac; David got the window and door trim up at the house and it looks fantastic; we had an amazing visit from one of my favorite aunts and my Nana; I went to the Austin quilt show with David's mom and sister and met his brother and wife there (it was too much fun!); and did I mention we got a puppy??? Yup, just a little black bundle of joy we named Cooper. Of course I have a zillion pictures I need to post, but it's 10:30, I just finished sewing some slings that I am selling tomorrow, and I need to grab some shuteye while the babe is asleep. But I do promise to update the pictures very soon!

Oh, as a sidenote: If you noticed that I added some cool music to my page, good for you. Unfortunately, they are not any of the songs I picked, and I have no idea how they got there. But, since there's Guns'n'Roses on the list, I guess it'll do. I suck with computers. Really, I do.


Ashley said...

YAY FOR PLAYLIST! I guess I can show you how to work it, hahaha. But it's not all bad, it has Weezer and 311 on it~! And yay for puppies and no more runny poop! LOL.

Katy said...

Great update!! I like your doggy's name!

mp said...

need pics!