Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Miracle on Herring Ave

Yes, you read it right here my friends...there has been a miraculous event at my house today. It's as if the virgin Mary herself appeared before us all. What, you ask, could be such a holy and austere occurrence? What could rival the great feats performed by the biblical legends?

Well let me tell you. ALL FOUR of my children are sleeping right now. It is 3:45pm, and there is not a sound to be heard in my house except the click-clack of the keyboard as I type. It is a great day here at the Engeling house...one I fear may never happen again. So let's all take a minute and bask the in the glory that is silence.

Okay, my moment is gone. Adam is talking in his crib now and Rowan is grunting her wake-up symphony. Time to go back to chaos. But it was certainly glorious while it lasted! I got a full hour's nap on the couch in perfect quiet. Aaah, thank you baby Jesus.


mp said...

Holy Moley, stop the press! Yay for naps!

Ashley said...

YAY! It is a miracle!

Katy said...

Oh how wonderful for you! I hope and pray to baby Jesus that you get more of those miraculous moments - you certainly deserve them :)

Julie said...

Don't you just love those rare moments when everyone naps?!