Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat???

This evening, things got strangely quiet at the Engeling house. A little too quiet, in fact. A spooky, eerie, something-wicked-this-way-comes kind of quiet. And when David and I, full of trepidation, went to investigate, this is what we found:

I think this picture speaks for itself. Happy Halloween, from Adam.

And because I am soooo behind on posting pictures, here ya go. Rowan is smiling so much, and she talks and coos and it just melts me into a puddle on the floor. David finally caught her with the camera! Doesn't her hair look kind of like Conan O'Brien in this picture? Either that or K. D. Lang....

Also, for those who don't know, David is such a sucker. He brought us home yet another pooch to call our own. This one was (kinda still is) pretty scraggly. Poor guy was dumped out near a rural house David was working on and Dave just couldn't leave him out there to starve. He is so sweet, it's ridiculous. He gets along great with Cooper, and he's awesome with the kids. Unfortunately, something is wrong with one of his front paws. So what did we name him? Well, I'm a dork and was kidding around about giving him a good German name since he looks like he might be part German Shepherd. What about Fritz? Franz? No, I've got it...what about Wolfgang? Then we can call him Wolfie! Ha ha! Yeah, except Kalena and Isaac took me seriously, so now we have Wolfie in the family. It does kinda fit him. If he were a person, he'd probably be a professor of Romanian literature or something. Isn't he cute?

Amazingly, we actually got around to carving pumpkins this year. They never did make it out to our front porch. (David is supposed to put them out there tonight). Every year, I get all ambitious thinking about how fun it will be to carve pumpkins, and then they just rot on the back porch because we never get to it. Last year, we did manage to sprout a giant pumpkin patch though. I think if we'd actually watered it, we might've even gotten some pumpkins. Oh well. The kids did have fun, though! Isn't Kalena's heaband cool? No? Well, don't tell her that. I think she thought she was Joan Jett or something. And Isaac was being "super Isaac" in his cape. If only he were a real superhero, he could magically fly to a potty every time he needs to pee instead of screaming in the car at the exact moment that we are boxed in line to pick up Kalena from school. That would be a super power worth having.....

I also owed some pictures of our Sea World trip, so here ya go. This is me and little bit at the San Antonio Zoo. If I look tired, I am.

Here's David riding some weird little ferris wheel type ride witht the boys. Kalena couldn't ride with them, so she got to ride with a stranger. I guess that's the hazard of too many kids. You have to share them with strangers when you go on vacation.

And here's everybody getting ready to watch one of the shows. Aren't they cute in their little hats? They better be, because those suckers cost me 50 friggin' bucks. All because I forgot to pack their hats on what was arguably the sunniest day of the entire year. Yeah, gift shops are ripofffs. Humbug.
So there you have it. Tomorrow is Halloween, and I'm really excited. I've spent the last two days trying to teach Adam how to say "trick or treat." He does this awesome little shimmy dance and says "ticka ticka ticka ticka." If he can pull that out at the moment of candy exchange tomorrow night, we ought to make a killing. The kid is cute enough that I want to give him candy every time he does that. Perfect strangers don't stand a chance. If he adds his version of "please," they might just hand him their entire candy bowls. He's got the most enchanting way of putting his little hands under his chin with his fingers out and grinnning his toothy grin and saying "ah-bee-dum." I assume this means "please" since he does it every time I ask him to say "please" for something. And he likes to say "bye bye dums." I don't know who "dums" are, but the suckers tomorrow night might be when they fall for his cuteness and give over all their Halloween loot. Muah ha ha ha.

So now I just need to figure out how to get pictures from Kodak gallery over here and I can post Kalena's birthday pics. And when I get some pictures of our newly stained cabinets, I'll put them up too. Just for you Marie. :)


Ashley said...

Wow so much to comment on, lol.
I'm lost as to were I should start. Adam is a mess, and adorable mess who I will one day steal and never bring back. He can come color on my sheets anytime, as long a he does that trick or treat dance!

Gotta love the Rowan-Conan thing.

And pumpkins! I never did that this year, oops!

The pics from Sea World are cute. And yeah, gift shops are a total rip!

Sandra said...

I am with Ashley, there is so much to comment on.
I can't believe Adam did that. It took we a minute to realize and then my mouth dropped.
And Rowan, as usual is ADORABLE!
We just did and put out our pumpkins tonight. So you guys are not the only ones a little behind on these things.
And I love your pics of Sea World. You all look so happy.

Katy said...

I LOVE your updates! Adam looks so proud of himself with the sheets. Pumpkin carving is waaaaay too messy for me - am I a bad mom?! Jarrod proposed to me at Sea World and we can't wait to take Emma soon!!! Happy Halloween to the Engeling fam!

mp said...

markers are the devil. no matter how hard i try to keep them up high, morgan always manages to get them and draws on our couch, heself or the walls.

your kids are so cute with their trick or treat dances and their super powers. you need a porta potty in your car at all times! seriously, that thing comes in handy for ALL members of the family (if you know what i mean).

rowan looks exactly like kalena and david! how funny that you have two of each.

great update, keep it up!

Julie said...

Her hair does look like Conan's! LOL

Love Kalena's headband!

I want to see the trick or treat dance!

Those hats are the cutest hats. We are going to sea world one of these days.

TNT2008 said...

Rowan is really growing!

Hide all markers, crayons, colors, dirty diapers, etc.