Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pooptastic Pooperama

Wednesday morning started like any other....too early for me. But I was in a good mood, determined that I was going to be patient, fun and just really positive for the day. Until I opened the door to Adam and Isaac's bedroom and was hit with a stench that was, well, repulsive. It was the overwhelming stink of poo. My stomach sank into my toes and I inched closer to Adam's crib, knowing what I would find, but still silently praying it was all a bad dream.

Sure enough, there in the shadows I could see the brown smudges. Everywhere. Poo poo everywhere. It seems that sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Adam decided to remove his diaper and THEN poop. I don't think he meant to play in it or make a mess. He was sort of standing crunched up in the corner of his crib, as if he were trying to stay out of the grossness. Well, he didn't do a very good job, because he was covered in doodie, his blankie was just gagworthy, there were smears everywhere in his crib.

What a way to start the morning. All I can say is thank the good lord I wasn't still pregnant or I would've upchucked for sure. I think this one takes the cake for my mommy-gross-out moments. Sure, I've dealt with poop before, just not to this magnitude. I've even handled simultaneous poop/puke moments (those are ALWAYS fun). But I guess the scale of the poop in this particular situation was just a higher order.

I guess I probably should've put a warning on this post since it's rather graphic. If you just sat down to read this blog with a bowl of chocolate ice cream or a Snickers candy bar, I apologize profusely.

But, while we're on the topic of poop, let me just mention something that is really bizarre....every time me and the kiddos go to visit Ashley, someone HAS to poop at her house. It's usually Adam. But today it was Adam and Rowan. It doesn't matter what time of day, if they've all already pooped that day or even how short the duration of our visit. We can literally be there for all of 5 minutes, and someone will figure out a way to squeeze out a poop while we're there. I don't know...maybe Ashley's house is built on a black poop hole or something...(gee, that didn't come out right...)

Enough poop talk for one night already. Have sweet dreams and may all your lives be as poop-free as is healthy and humanly possible.


Ashley said...

Ok, I literally LOL'd. Yeah I don't know what the pooping thing is for my house, but just keep in mind that if your kids are ever constipated just bring them over here and problem solved!

And glad the poop fiasco was at your house and not mine, I think I would have puked, pregnant or not!

Rachel said...

Jonah has managed to get his diaper off a couple of times even with clothes on. We've started putting underwear over his diaper (like girly bloomers!) and it hasn't happened again. Last week he got it off and onto the floor (and of course it was poopy), and I AM pregnant :)

TNT2008 said...

OMG! I could not stop laughing! My nose twitched as I read about the gagworthy brought back memories of Grace doing that once--yuck!


mp said...


Katy said...

Haha, oh my!! You are such a great writer - I love reading your blogs...."stinky" or not!!

Julie said...

"black poop hole or something..." that bit cracked me up!