Friday, August 20, 2010

My Kids are Weirder than Your Kid

You read it right. My kids are weird. Straight up. Isaac has an unmatched imagination in our family. The proof: his new favorite game. It's called "The Umproidal Shrimp." This is not a complicated game. It consists of him running around chasing the other kids, while they run away shreiking, "Oh no! It's the Umproidal Shrimp!"

I have no idea what an Umproidal Shrimp is, or where in the world the child thought of one. My other kids don't find it strange at all. They even have little Rowan playing along.

This game can be added to their repetoire of other games which include: "Gaster Gastion" and "Rabies." Rabies is pretty self-explanatory. One has rabies and they chase the other one around. It goes like this:

Isaac: Hey, you guys wanna play Rabies?
Adam: Sure! Do you have rabies or do I have rabies?
Kalena (in a very grown-up, exasperated voice) : I have rabies, okay?
Rowan: You have rabies?
Kalena: You better run!
All the kids: Oh no!!!! (Squeal and shriek)

Gaster Gastion is a variation of the Umproidal Shrimp....but it requires that Isaac run around screaming "Gaster Gastion" during the chasing process.

So, like I said, my kids are weird.


mp said...

I can just hear Rowan now, "You have rabies?"

You should make bumper stickers that say "My kid is weirder then your kid" and sell them at your store. I would buy one!

Ashley said...

Your kids crack me up! Its never a dull moment with them! And I love Maries idea for bumper stickers! Those would rock!

Sandra said...

I love your crazies.