Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yeah, so I guess I'm a big fat liar, and I can't keep up with my blog. Can you blame me? I am in the middle of opening a new store. Because I'm crazy.

My store is Pinwheel Kids, and it is going to be so rockin'. I just hope my four little monkeys make it through the next couple of weeks while we get up and running.

In kid-news, they are just getting big and smart, like all children do. But this morning the kids were all in the bathtub, and Kalena decided to entertain the others so she got a toy boat and said, "The Wizard is going to break through these icy bergs. Here it goes. Off to catch some crab." And she proceeded to bust through the bubbles as if they were really "icy bergs." Then she looked at me and said, "Mom, these bubbles really do look like icy bergs. Really."

This indicates two things to me:
#1 We have been watching way too much Deadliest Catch
#2 These are such fleeting moments in our kids lives. I'm glad I was there to catch a glimpse of her creativity, kindness and spunk.

Well, back to work. I have a pile of invoices with my name on them that I need to tackle.


Ashley said...

Can't wait to be there opening day!!!

Sandra said...

YAY! A blog from one of my favorite bloggers.
I can't wait for your store to open. It's amzing to watch your dream grow and become a reality.
Your kiddos are so adorable, gotta love imagination.

mp said...

dang is right girl! you got to at least promise to keep up with the pwk blog. go ahead, promise me.