Monday, December 8, 2008

All-around update

Well, we finally got an appointment for Rowan to see the orthopedist. We're going on December 17, early in the morning. I'm relieved that they are going to see us so quickly and anxious to get some answers. I also had an evaluation with the physical therapist this past Saturday, and she wants to start therapy with us after Rowan's consultation. She wants to find out what the orthopedist thinks and try to tailor the therapy to coordinate with whatever correction we begin. She seemed to think that the PT will help increase the core strength, which can help keep Rowan's back straight once we get it there...hopefully we'll be able to do just that! I'm definitely ready to head to Dallas and get started on whatever we need to do to help her.

David has really been making progress on the house! Here are some pics of the new improvements!

This is the countertop in the laundry room...complete with tile and stain on the cabinets!

Here's a shot of the kitchen cabinets, all stained and so pretty!

This is the travertine we are going to use on the backsplash in the kitchen...I think it's going to be really beautiful!

And finally, here's the kids' upstairs bathroom shower, complete with tile! Now all we need are the fixtures! I'm starting to get so excited, things are really beginning to look good!

We put up our Christmas tree last night, and it looks really nice, but I gotta say...I'm a total grinch. I don't really love Christmas all that much. Don't get me wrong, it's nice and all, but it's all overblown in my humble opinion. I need Christmas for about a week...but "Christmas" has already been going on since after Halloween! Geez. Call me Scrooge if you want, but why can't we enjoy December in any other colors but red and green? I'm trying not to let my grinchiness rub off on my kiddos...they are still excited by the season and I hope it stays that way. Maybe it's just the pricetag on the season that has me saying bah humbug.


Julie said...

The house is looking great!

Glad to hear that Rowan got an appointment so quickly! Keep us updated!

Sandra said...

I hope the PT or whatever they choose to do works for little Rowan.
And of course the house is looking great. LOVE the tiles.
Maybe you need some egg nog to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Ashley said...

The house is looking great! I'm glad they are getting RoRo in soon. And don't worry Scrooge, Christmas will be over

Courtney said...

Holy, the house looks gorgeous. It looks like extreme makeover came to the ranch- talk about a dream home- it is going to be so beautiful-cant wait to see it finished.

Definitely thrilled for you that Rowan has that appointment- and I cant wait to hear your update afterwards-

Katy said...

I absolutely LOVE the pics of the house. Wow, I bet you are so ready to move in :)

Glad you got an appt so quick for Miss Rowan, let us know how it goes!

mp said...

Yay, I'm so happy that they were able to get you guys in so early! Keep us updated on what they say.

The house looks amazing. David is doing a really good job!

Jackie said...


My goodness woman I really thought we were somehow attached but now you've thrown me for a loop with your scroogies. Actually I need to hush because I haven't even put up our tree yet!

That's awesome about Rowan's appt. I'm anxious to hear what they have to say.

The house looks pimp! David is awesome!

Hope to see ya soon!

bawla: Jackie is a bawla! Fo shizzle!

Anonymous said...

I love your freak'n HOUSE!!!
KISS ROWAN for me, Im happy she gets to see the Doctor so soon!!!
KEEP me POSTED!!!! CALL ME when you can. :) love your sister