Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Holy Cow...Rachel's Blogging?

Well, here we are....after being thoroughly inspired by two of my nearest and dearest (thanks Marie and Ashley!), I've decided to join the ranks of countless bloggers and throw in my two cents. Or maybe 25 cents. Whatever. In any case, here I am....ta da!

Okay, fanfare over.

I'm hoping to accomplish one thing with this blog: attempt to not forget my kids. I've realized that I just can't remember all the amazing stuff that they do day in and day out, and it's scary to me that one day I'll wake up and not recall how Isaac is obsessed with the Ninja Turtles movie (yes, he's watched it 9 times in the last 4 days), or how Kalena is blossoming into an Olympic swimmer or even how stinkin' adorable Adam is when he attempts to say "thank you" in his sweet baby way.

So, without further adieu, let's meet the cast of characters, shall we?

Enter MOM (that's me): Rachel, 27, pregnant yet again...this time a baby girl. The ringleader in this perpetual circus that we call the Engeling household. Loves her family completely, but suffers from a disheartening lack of patience. Hates to cook, but toys with the idea of enjoying it. Tries to be a good mom, friend and wife, but sometimes wonders if she's just too bossy to be any of these things. Is VERY bossy. Dreams of being a business owner someday. Dreams of being a world traveler some day. Dreams of never changing another diaper again. Also dreams that her children will grow into strong, independent, happy, productive people who enjoy her company. Wonders if her dreams are just fantasies...

DAD: David, 29. The kindest, sweetest, hardest working man on the planet. Is totally committed to providing his family with everything they need. The absolute best father imaginable, except sometimes he has the irritating habit of tuning people out, particularly the kids when they need something. Giggler. The handiest of the handy men. Very quiet...sometimes too quiet. Definitely not the disciplinarian, but shows the kids how much he loves them more than any other dad I know. Affectionate. Would rather poke his eyeballs out than have to spend more than a full day inside the house....needs to be outside like he needs oxygen. Needs his family. They need him.


Kalena: The oldest, 5. Outgoing and gregarious, but sweet and loving just the same. Is a little too much like her mother. Bossy. Likes to run the show. Is so smart, she doesn't even know that she's brilliant. Loves to color and do "projects." Loves to antagonize her brother(s), but will gladly give up her treat to them just to help make them happy. Is giving and kind like her daddy. Has the sweetest smile. Is an amazing helper...some days her mama wonders how she would get through the day without her.

Isaac: almost 3. Boy, he's a tornado. Rambunctious and a bit on the destructive side. But has a heart of gold. A little on the shy side, but loves to play with good friends. Gets overwhelmed in new situations at times. Just wants to be heard. Is so sweet to his baby brother, but likes to drive his big sister insane. Is articulate. Gives the biggest dinosaur hugs imaginable.

Adam: the current baby, 15 mos. Is that age. You know, where they're so cute it's almost unbelievable, but are into enough stuff to make you want to lose your mind. Has a smile that will make a perfect stranger gush. Can throw a tantrum with the best of 'em. Loves his toothbrush. Gives the best slobbery kisses. Is about to be evicted from the baby spot....and probably won't like it too much.

So, there you have it. That's us in a nutshell. The main players in our saga....with a smattering of friends and family thrown in for good measure, it should make for an interesting tale. If nothing else, it will be....authentic.


Ashley said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad your blogging too! I can't wait to read of all the Engeling adventures!

Natalie said...

Rachel!!! You're pregnant again!!! I can't wait to read all the adventures to come to your new blog! Hope you're well!

Katy said...

I love it - welcome to the blogging world :) I look forward to your future entires....

mp said...

oh my gosh where have you been all my blogging life? serioulsy you are the best writer ever. you better take time to update at least a few times a week. none of this "crap, it's been a month, I should write something" do you hear me? now that's me being bossy!

what a perfect way to keep in touch with the Engeling (did I spell that right?) clan.

p.s. Natalie's comment is priceless. "You're pregnant again?" ha ha!

Courtney said...

I decided to jump on board- with very little convincing. I thought this would be a great way to keep you all updated on my crazy canadian adventures (not).

I agree with Marie- your writing kicks ass.