Monday, March 22, 2010

The Jerk

No, I don't mean the crazy man that insisted on driving right next to me at the exact same speed as I was driving home today. I mean the crazy dance that I am trying to learn from my students.

If you don't know what The Jerk is, just YouTube it. Over the course of the last week, I've heard it described as "backwards skipping" or "jumping forwards and backwards at the same time." Gee guys, that's really helpful. But I stink at it. I don't have any rhythm, and I have about 60 extra pounds I'm trying to jerk around. Not pretty.

You ask why I'm trying to learn this convoluted dance? It's all my own fault, actually. I've decided to put my students on a Laughter Campaign as part of our research unit on researching the effects of laughter on environment. So part of their assignment is to increase the amount of laughing that happens on campus. You do the math: teachers (especially white-bread, no-rhythm teachers like yours truly) + dancing of any kind = hilarity. They decided the best way to get some chuckles is to get the teachers dancing on film. I insisted that if I'm being filmed, I must be tutored in the ways of the Jerk before I make my YouTube debut.

So stay tuned. You just might see my jello-butt jiggling in the near future. If you didn't shudder, I just shuddered for you.


Sandra said...

They were doing the jerk on "Let's Make a Deal." I want to see you doing it on our next mom's night out.

Katy said...

Aweome! Ask them to teach you the stanky leg dance next ;)

Ashley said...

Between the jerk and The Stanky leg, you will be a youtube hit!!! I will proud to say, "Hey I know Her!!!" keep us updated on your progress! lol

mp said...

every night when i lay down for bed i think "oh crap, i keep forgetting to send rachel some hip hop moves!" i keep thinking of some and intend to find them on video and show you. sorry!

i'll try to do it now while i'm thinking about it. or maybe later this afternoon :)